Sabtu, 25 Desember 2010

Studying Islam in Diversity

The fact that Indonesia is a nation with diversity is something no one can deny. The diversity of Indonesia is not only reflected on its many islands bound together as a nation, but also on the variety of the skin colors, languages, ethnics, religions, and cultures.

However, the problem is not on the diverse nation, but it is more to the way we see and manage the diversity. The founders of Indonesia are aware of this diversity matter. When they built this country, they looked for a foundation to unify the diversity. History records two different responses to the matter. One group believe that we can unite on the ‘nationality’ base and the other say that we can unite on the ‘religion’ base, that is Islam as the religion adhered by the majority of Indonesian.

The history of the nation has a long record of the on going dialects between the nationality concept on one side and the religion concept on the other side. The arguments sometimes even end with a violent behavior, but sometimes a synthesis and integrity can take place peacefully.

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